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Kalinga Health is now accepting HMOs

Kalinga Health is now accepting HMOs

Kalinga Health is a not-for-profit clinic, affordable diagnostics center, and laboratory that provides a full range of outpatient healthcare products and services. We integrated the complete range of medical services that people need to take better care of their health in our clinics because we believe that healthcare should not only be of high quality but also accessible.

As of date we have 5 accredited HMOs

  • HPPI
  • WellCare
  • Insular Life
  • Lacson and Lacson 

These HMOs covered these services:

  1. Outpatient and diagnostics consultation
  2. Laboratory Services
  3. Annual Physical Examination
  4. COVID related procedures (Please check your HMO)

If you are a member of any of the HMOs mentioned above, Make sure to consult with your HMO provider prior to visit so that any pre-authorization documentation can be prepared ahead of time.

Disclaimer: Official list is updated as of March 11, 2022