Kalinga Health

Staying  true to its goal of providing sustainable community health and quality health services – at scale, InnovationsCH created the Kalinga Health which is a 360° social enterprise facility providing:

It pilots a hub-and-spoke social enterprise model wherein Kalinga Health acts as the “hub” where a network of private providers (“spokes”) refer patients through a variety of public-private mix (PPM) strategies. These patients would then be able to  avail themselves of the services offered by Kalinga Health. Additionally, the Hub acts as an intermediary agency for case registration, reimbursement of public and private health insurance, and treatment support for referral partners in the private sector (Spokes). A core innovation is reforming health markets and creating opportunities for incentivization of providers towards achieving the long-term vision of TB elimination.

Current Services Offered


Php 199.00 and comes with one free follow-up within two weeks.

Direct Sputum Smear Microscopy (DSSM) or Sputum Exam

Php 99.00 user fee for two samples.


Php 199.00 user fee with a maximum turn-around time of 7 days.

Digital X-ray

Coming soon for the price of Php 199.00.

Future Services to be Offered

Blood Chemistry

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

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Contact Us

Kalinga Health Hub
Monday – Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday 8am-5pm

Telephone: (02) 7 368 3082
Mobile Number:  +63 919 257 9495
+63 945 402 4323

Email: info@innovationsch.org