True to our mission of providing sustainable community health at scale, we continue to create innovative solutions to longstanding health problems.
Our focus

Tuberculosis (TB)

Since our establishment in 2019, we have implemented several public health projects that aim to #EndTB across the Philippines. Through these projects, we have built strong partnerships with local government units, national government agencies, civil society organizations, corporations, and informal sector members. Most of our activities include active case finding in the community and workplace as well as capacity building for health workers and community leaders.

Public-Private Mix

A core element of our projects and innovations is our private-public mix (PPM) strategies. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have been utilized by governments worldwide as a strategy to leverage the private sector’s managerial expertise, service capacity, innovation, and funding to help meet development goals. We help identify and implement PPM models, their challenges, and best practices to allow program managers and decision-makers to leverage PPMs to reach universal health coverage.

Communicable &
Non-Communicable Diseases

Communicable & Non-Communicable Diseases

Aside from tuberculosis, we have implemented various projects on communicable and non-communicable diseases particularly HIV and hypertension. Our Kalinga Health hubs also cater to a wide array of health conditions to ensure patients receive a more holistic care.

Our focus

Implementation Science & Research

Translating evidence into action may be complex, but it is crucial in improving health care and maximizing health outcomes. This is where the design, delivery, and monitoring of implementation strategies and their dissemination would be key. With this, InnovationsCH is doing various research projects utilizing the concepts of implementation science and human-centered design to accelerate implementation science and improve public health outcomes.

Our focus


Shaping the future of healthcare delivery in the Philippines to achieve universally accessible and quality healthcare for Filipinos.