Our Innovative Solutions

True to our mission of providing sustainable community health at scale, Innovations for Community Health continues to create innovative solutions to longstanding health problems.

InnovationsCH is a sub-recipient of a TB REACH Wave 6 grant under Stop TB Partnership. It pilots a hub-and-spoke social enterprise model for tuberculosis care, with Kalinga Health as the hub, specifically engaging the private sector to find the missing cases of
tuberculosis in the country.

Through a team of engagement executives, Kalinga Health was able to partner over 150 private providers and all 16 barangays in Marikina City. After two full quarters of
operations, Kalinga Health was able to register over 250 patients on ITIS with the majority of the patients coming from the private sector. That is twice and even thrice more than other BMUs within Marikina.

InnovationsCH was also granted a scale-up grant allowing Kalinga Health to continue
operations with funding for one more year focusing on increasing engagement with the private sector.

The project is officially called the Marikina HEARTS and it aims to develop a sustainable community-based program for hypertension control in the private sector in Marikina City.

Utilizing the network that InnovationsCH has already built for its flagship project, Kalinga Health, the Marikina HEARTS project primarily focuses on health providers catering to low-income populations such as general practitioners and family physicians.

In addition, community leaders from every barangay are also being trained as community health workers who are called “K Leaders” who conduct house-to-house visits for hypertension screening and enroll patients in a BP monitoring mobile app.

The app called the “mHEARTS app” was adapted from the Simple App which records patient data in the HEARTS CVD card. A unique code is provided for each patient and provider, and these will be used to develop digital facility-based registers. Through this app, basic patient data and relevant medical history are recorded, together with their BP readings for every house visit performed by their assigned K leader.