On 17 July 2020, Innovations for Community Health has been officially announced as one of the 13 successful applicants (out of 255) of the Stop TB Partnership’s TB REACH Wave 8 Grant. 

The proposal, entitled as the “Mandatory Notification Plus: Enhancing TB diagnostics and treatment in the private sector in the Philippines,” highlights a business-to-business model of network of laboratories, connected to a back-end GenXpert testing and to a network of private providers, to be implemented in five cities in eastern Metro Manila. In TB REACH’s official announcement, this is dubbed as “ a new bold business model combining social health insurance for TB and aggregating reimbursements in the Philipppines.” This builds on the successes of the private provider engagement piloted by InnovationCH’s Kalinga Health’s hub-and-spoke model, established through a TB REACH Wave 6 grant. Additionally, the proposal aims to strengthen the ecosystem of TB Notification Project Associates deployed by the Global Fund Primary Recipient, the Philippines Business for Social Progress (PBSP), which is our partner organization for this project.

The TB REACH Wave 8 Grant is the fourth funding to be received by the organization, closely following the Challenge Facility for Civil Society Grant that was awarded last June 2020. With only a year since its establishment, InnovationsCH has truly been trailblazing innovative and effective TB private sector engagement in the Philippines.

To see the official announcement, you may visit this link.